Dominic Scott

Brock Gillespie – Swing Coach, Professional Putter

I love the game of golf and I’ve always had a desire to promote the game. I figure the best way to promote the game is by making people better golfers.

My goal is to share my passion for golf through instruction. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, I offer customized lessons to players who are interested in improving their golf game.

Most of us are visual learners and if you aren’t using video, you probably aren’t improving. Once we analyze your swing, I then send that video to your email and smart phone where you can view the video as much as you want. I guarantee my teaching method will help your game.

I am very easy going and people find my instruction refreshing and easy to understand. Give me a call at show contact info and we can go over some different options and times. I do offer discounts if you get more than one lesson. You can see some of those packages in the image above.

Golf Swing Philosophy

Consistency is everything. Using your “big muscles” is the goal. Striking the ball with your shoulders, hips and core, instead of arms, wrist and hands will lead to a more consistent swing and lower scores.

Mental Game Philosophy

Positive reinforcement is vital when it comes to golf, you must take the good out of every shot. Thinking your way around the course is just as important. Play to your strengths and know the limits within your own game. Committing to your shot selection, so that you can execute it, becomes your only thought over the ball.

  • I Work With beginners, intermediate, and advanced players!

  • My rate is $60.00 an hour. I also offer a $40 first lesson special.

  • Call me for more details at 619-933-4020